Webcast 013 | Politics or Geopolitics? | 30th May 2014

Trade data released this month confirmed that in the first quarter of 2014 trade growth globally was negative. The OECD has come out with a report confirming Delta Economics’ view the IMF/WTO forecast of 4.7% trade growth in 2014 is over-optimistic and despite China€™s trade picking up earlier this month, largely for adjustment reasons, signs elsewhere are not so good. Germany’€™s exports, for example, did not grow as quickly as was expected. In this webcast, Rebecca Harding examines the reasons why and highlights the fact that geopolitics is still an issue that affects Europe and Asia in particular at the moment but that could spill over to affect the US as well. We expect the PMIs and equities to fall this month although there are strong signs that the Euro will continue to rise against the dollar.


Webcast 013 Author  |  Rebecca Harding  |  CEO