Webcast 009 | Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon | 17th March 2014

Delta Economics is more negative now than it was about Asian growth. Our forecast for Asia’s export growth in 2014 has slowed from 6.1% growth last quarter to 5.3% growth now. This is part of a downward trend in Asia’s trade growth that we have been seeing take hold gradually over the past year. Holger Wessling, General Manager of DZ Bank AG (London), argues that this downward trend is due to a slow down in commodity growth and a decline in prices, negatively impacting trade finance. With the majority of trade finance centered within Asia, growth rates won’t be as positive as in previous years. Yet, with a lot of risks and a lot of potential volatility there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Growth and employment rates in North America and Europe are expected to pick up and growth in North-North trade will continue to strengthen.

Webcast 009 Author  |  Rebecca Harding  |  CEO