Webcast 005 | Europe’s re-discovered growth

Dr Rebecca Harding argues in this webcast that Europe’s long term growth will be driven by its global supply chains and it is time for policy makers to focus policy on competitiveness as this is critical to Europe’s future. Europe’s car sector exports, for example, accounts for nearly 50% of world exports and the supply chain that supports this is woven into the fabric of intra-European trade as well as its trade with emerging economies. Through its key sector supply chains, cars, pharmaceuticals and hi-tech electronic products for example, Europe’s industrial strength will help to correct internal balances as well as drive trade globally. Exports to Brazil will grow by 5.2% in 2014, to China by 7% and to India by 3% despite relatively flat growth within Europe in 2014. This will ensure that recovery is sustained.


Webcast 005 Author  |  Rebecca Harding  |  CEO

Webcast 003 | The World in 2014

Rebecca Harding presents the final webcast for 2013, discussing Delta’s view on World trade in 2014. “2013 has been a strange year” she says, forecasting that goods trade will be flat in the coming year. However, there is evidence of demand-led recovery, particularly in the developed world, so let’s look into the crystal ball to find out why. Meanwhile, all best wishes for the festive season and a happy and prosperous New Year!


Webcast 003 Author  |  Rebecca Harding  |  CEO