Quarterly Trade Forecasts

The Delta Economics Quarterly Trade Forecast covers the key trading nations, partners and sectors for the world, global regions and individual countries.

  • Our monthly Trade Insight report is available to subscribers to DeltaMetrics only and provides the Delta Economics market view of key asset classes and price movements based on monthly changes in our trade indices.
  • The quarterly regional reports cover the key findings for each of the global regions and individual countries and sectors within those regions. They track the trade of the largest trading country and select each quarter a regional sector trade corridor that is growing particularly quickly.
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Sub-Saharan Africa | 1st Quarter 2014

Africa remains one of the regions that is full of potential but difficult to capture accurately. Trade data is one way of demonstrating how the economies of the region are growing. Nigeria and South Africa are relatively well integrated into the global trading system: Nigeria’€™s exports of oil are fueling rapid import growth to develop infrastructures and to fuel growing consumer demand while South Africa’€™s exports of iron ore are forecast to grow in 2014 by over 15% and of cars by over 10%.