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DeltaMetrics provides the largest and most comprehensive forecast of trade in the world, supplying the most recent trade forecast data on trade and trade flows across the globe.

The DeltaMetrics online platform delivers real time and forecast data which allows clients to understand where their potential growth markets or investment opportunities lie. A trial to the DeltaMetrics service can provide you with the following benefits:

  • For business planning to identify opportunities
  • For risk management to identify growth opportunities in decline
  • For strategy to identify current and future trends
  • For marketing or client relations for value-added insight
  • For competitive advantage as access to data is not available elsewhere
  • For finance to identify trade and trade payments market
The DeltaMetrics trial gives you one weeks
free access to the complete dataset of 22 Sections and 2 Digit data

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Please note, the DeltaMetrics Trial has certain restrictions which are not present when using a normal subscription service. The trial subscription is limited to:

  • One week of full functionality of 22 Sections and 2 Digit data
  • Access to bespoke data or consultancy


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