What can I do with the data?

The DeltaMetrics Graphic User Interface is designed so that you can search easily for historical and forecast trade data, our trade index or our range of analytical indicators. You can create excel spreadsheets, charts, tables and graphs and load these into reports for your professional purposes.

What can DeltaMetrics do for me?

DeltaMetrics allows you to identify trends historically and in the future so that you can plan strategies or assess market and investment opportunities globally and examine how trade patterns globally are changing and will change in the future. You can also use our range of analytical indicators to assess how the structure of trade is changing between countries, to assess trade openness, revealed comparative advantage, market access, trade concentration and other measures of trade competitiveness.

How does DeltaMetrics work?

DeltaMetrics works by using your choice of filters and options to retrieve trade data by reporting country, trade sector and/or partner country from the central Delta Economics trade data platform.

Data that you request is then displayed on the intuitive interface which allows you to produce spreadsheets, charts, tables and graphs demonstrating trends historically or by monthly, quarterly or annual forecast up to fifteen years from now.

DeltaMetrics also provides a unique index of how the trade climate is changing each month as defined by the parameters used for our forecast and provides analytical tools for assessing trade trends including comparative advantage and trade openness.

What is DeltaMetrics?

DeltaMetrics is an Analytical Platform Interface (API) which allows you to search Delta Economics trade data and indices.