What are Trade Indicators?

Trade Indicators are a ranking or valuing tool to benchmark trade in terms of policy and/or performance. It can be used by analysts, trade statisticians, policymakers and advisers, and consultants to gauge trade, trade policy, macro and micro-economic environment, trade facilitation for example. Indicators are found under the ‘Toolbox’ tab within the interface.

How can I use a Trade Indicator?

Our Trade Indicators have been designed to help identify important trading routes within current and potential markets. Trade Indicators provide a unique insight into the trading habits of nations and can help inform important strategic and investment decisions.

How are Trade Indicators calculated?

Every one of our Trade Indicators is underpinned by economic thinking. The main concepts and terminology are taken from International Economics, which is a branch of Macroeconomics. The methodology is quite simple – no fancy risk factors are included into these calculations as these are subjective calculations and could distort the true nature of the study. We only use the information we currently hold on each country to build a comprehensive picture of global trade.

Which datasets are your indicators compiled from?

Our Trade Indicators use the latest datasets, which are updated monthly by our team. Each index can perform calculations for time series data that starts from 2001, but we also have data that can go back as far as 1996, which is available on request.

How robust are your calculations?

Our Trade Indicators have been rigorously tested and scrutinised by specialists in the field and are reviewed on a regular basis to correct for any errors.

Will the personal data I provide to DeltaMetrics be protected?

Your data is stored in the UK on a secure server. It is only accessed by authorised individuals within Delta Economics and is not passed on to any third party.

Who has copyright over the data in DeltaMetrics?

Delta Economics has copyright over the data and how it is produced for the DeltaMetrics platform. That includes all algorithms, formulae and coding behind the platform, forecasting and modelling. Subscribers are able to use the data Outputs as defined in our Terms and Conditions.

Which browsers support DeltaMetrics?

DeltaMetrics supports all major web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome (PC & Mac) & Internet Explorer 9 and above. Please ensure your browser is up to date to allow full use of features within DeltaMetrics.

Does Delta Economics provide any warranty or indemnity to users?

Use of information from the DeltaMetrics platform is at the user’€™s own risk. Delta Economics provides no warranties or indemnities for its use.

Can I use DeltaMetrics outputs for investment decisions?

You may use the information to inform your investment decisions. However, Delta Economics or any of its affiliates cannot be held responsible for decisions made on the back of information or insights from the DeltaMetrics website.