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We are a London-based economic consultancy specialising in trade, economic forecasting and the modelling of global trade flows.

We offer a wide range of services including historical trade data, precise forecasting up to 2030, and highly customisable consultancy services. Our services ensure that our clients are able to make informed business decisions.

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DeltaMetrics offers access to data forecasts covering trade flows and balance of trade for 93 countries, their 200 trading partners and 12,800 products.


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This one week trial gives free access to 22 Sections and 2 Digit data.


Our trade and economic growth forecasting can provide time series and real time data as well as forecast data. Data can be accessed through DeltaMetrics, our unique web-based data platform.

Our data covers 200 countries and 12,800 sectors globally. We have indicator data that measures the trade competitiveness of these countries.


We have extensive experience in providing economic modelling, research-led consultancy, scenario planning, macroeconomic and business growth forecasting as well as survey design.


We forecast trade competitiveness, trade payments and have the only trade-based model of GDP in the world.

Our forecasting platform has an excellent track record and our team provides quality research-led consultancy in all of the sectors our platform provides.


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TCI-A returns  |  June 2013 – April 2015

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Delta Economics latest forecast summary

Country Merchandise export trade value 2014  Growth forecast 2014 | October 2014 Growth forecast 2015 | January 2015
China US$ 2.73 trillion 8.14% 3.47%
United-States US$ 1.56 trillion 8.69% 1.754%
Germany US$ 1.52 trillion -1.24% -0.43%
US$ 885 billion -1.01% 0.54%
Netherlands US$ 614 billion 3.31% -1.37%

* The merchandise trade export value for 2014 is taken from Delta Economics January 2015 forecast and is an estimate.

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