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Delta Economics forecasting and modelling provides a unique and independent approach to understanding trade, economic growth and trade finance now and over the long term. We use economic forecasting and modelling as tools to help businesses make decisions. Our research is always focused on how it can help our clients.

We provide this service through access to DeltaMetrics, our unique data platform. Our data and research is tailored to the requirements of each client to their specific use.

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Our trade and economic growth forecasting can provide time series and real time data as well as forecast data. Data can be accessed through DeltaMetrics, our unique web-based data platform. Our data covers 200 countries and 10,000 sectors globally. We have indicator data that measures the trade competitiveness of these countries.


We provide economic modelling, research-led consultancy, scenario planning and reporting based on our expertise in trade, macroeconomics and business growth.


The Delta Economics trade forecast covers 200 countries and trade corridors in the world across 10,000 commodity groups. We forecast trade competitiveness, trade payments and have the only trade-based model of GDP in the world.

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North-North and South-South trade | June 2001- December 2016

February 2014 | Growth of Advanced and Emerging economy trade from June 2001 to December 2016.
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Delta Economics latest forecast summary

Country Merchandise trade export value 2013 Growth forecast 2014 | Jan 2014 Growth forecast 2014 | Feb 2014
China  US$ 2.23 trillion  5.6%  5.5%
United-States   US$ 1.52 trillion 3.0% 3.0%
Germany  US$ 1.48 trillion 0.6% 0.6%
 US$ 800 billion 0% 0%
Netherlands  US$ 610 billion 2.6% 2.7%

* The merchandise trade export value for 2013 is taken from Delta Economics February 2014 forecast and is an estimate. 

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